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Cross Creek Dental, the office of Dr. Rice & Associates - Dentists Fayetteville NC

Why are we here?
To improve your very quality of life!

“We have been a family dentist for many years in Fayetteville, North Carolina. our purpose and that of the staff is to help you keep your teeth healthy, strong, and attractive for your entire life. We pride ourselves on being gentle, friendly dentists, from pediatric services to adult treatment. We like to take the time with each of you to determine your needs and wants.”

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Our team

Our Team

We have an experienced team of hygienists, assistants and staff led by Cross Creek Dental, the office of Dr. Rice & Associates.

We are committed to giving our patients great service, and our goal is to keep your teeth healthy and pretty for your entire life.

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Dental services

Dental Services

Your comfort is our top priority. That's why we use the most up-to-date techniques in our Fayetteville office. Our goal is to make your visit comfortable, pain-free and even pleasant. You are in control at all times in our office.

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Gorgeous Smile

Gorgeous Smile

Cosmetics and clothing help, but the real secret to beauty is a gorgeous, dazzling smile.

Cross Creek Dental, the office of Dr. Rice & Associates use the miracles of modern technology to achieve teeth whitening and straight, pretty teeth. At Cross Creek Dental, we can help you have the smile you want!

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Oral Health

Oral Health

Dental health affects more than just your mouth. It affects your entire body. Your mouth is one of the main gateways to the rest of the body and is constantly attacked by invaders like viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi.

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Our commitment to our patients:

  • We will give you personal service and attention.
  • We’ll keep your teeth healthy and pretty for your entire life.
  • We’ll take time to discuss your needs and wants.
  • We'll make your trip to the dentist as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
  • We deliver state-of-the-art general dentistry.
  • We’ll treat you like family.
  • We take care of the person, not just his or her teeth and gums.
  • We see emergencies the same day in our Fayetteville, North Carolina office.
  • We accept most major dental insurance.
  • We offer financial arrangements and payment plans for qualified people.
  • We follow strict sterilization procedures for your health and safety.
  • We treat adults and teens and offer pediatric dentist services.
  • We’ll create a beautiful, confident smile.

Your staff is amazing! Dr. Perrino is outstanding. He was so patient with me and very understanding. He did everything he could do to keep me comfortable. I felt very well taken care of. I had to bring my girls with me the past two appointments, and the staff watched them the whole time I was being treated. I am so thankful. I will always highly recommend this office!

— Happy Customer: LG —