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Oral Cancer Screening

While oral cancer is a curable disease when caught early, it is extremely deadly when discovered during late stage development. That’s why we offer the VizLite Plus exam. At our office here in Fayetteville, we recommend our patients add a VizLite Plus examination to their regular dental checkup once a year for a comprehensive screening. Every hour, every day, one American dies of oral cancer. This simple, pain-free examination could save your life.

When we conduct a Vizilite Plus oral cancer screening, it is usually performed after your regular checkup. Here's what you can typically expect:

  • You'll be asked to rinse your mouth with a cleansing solution
  • Cross Creek Dental, the office of Dr. Rice & Associates will dim the overhead lighting
  • He will pass the ViziLite Plus light over your mouth, looking for abnormal tissue
  • Healthy tissues will appear dark and problem areas white under this specialized light technology
  • He will discuss his findings with you and answer any questions
Vizi Lite Plus

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